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Geo-Sentinel Research, Service and Consulting Ltd.

Sentinel-1 satellite (© ESA/ATG medialab)
Sentinel-1 satellite (© ESA/ATG medialab)

Geo-Sentinel Ltd. is the leading provider of precise deformation monitoring services in Hungary on a wide scale from regional tectonics to single infrastructure using multiple state-of-the art space geodetic techniques, including satellite-based Synthetic Aperture Radar interferometry (InSAR), and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) measurements. High-precision deformation studies provide quantitative understanding of natural phenomena and various anthropogenic activities. This information is essential for understanding natural hazards, assessing and control of important infrastructures, planning and monitoring mining related activities, construction works, oil, gas and groundwater extractions, and in several other fields.

Key members of the Geo-Sentinel team have more than two decades of experience in leading national and international scientific research and development projects. Our legacy includes the first present-day crustal deformation maps for Central Europe and the Pannonian Basin using GNSS, introduction and first applications and geodetic integration of satellite and land-based radar interferometry techniques in the country and the creation of the first national ground motion map for Hungary. Geo-Sentinel has been conducting primarily space-based geodetic research as well as industrial projects and performs monitoring services for a wide range of domestic and international customers.

Geo-Sentinel Ltd. emphasizes the importance of space science for society and economy and is committed to the public dissemination of the latest results and applications of new space technologies. It manages the prestigious space-related web portal Űrvilág (Space World, www.urvilag.hu). Established in 2002, it plays a leading role in popularizing space research and space applications in Hungarian language and actively promoted ESA membership of the country. In 2016, Geo-Sentinel Ltd. became a founding member of the EU Copernicus Academy Network as the only entity from Hungary. Furthermore, Geo-Sentinel Ltd. is the representative of Hungary in the task force on Supra National Ground Motion Service (SNGMS).