State and local government

Geo-Sentinel offers satellite based surveys for industrial as well as residential areas to assess ground stability, to map subsiding and uplifting areas, to help urban planning, to detect slope instability, effects of water pumping etc. and to monitor existing urban infrastructure.


We conduct multitechnique space geodetic investigations for critical infrastructures in the energy industry on different scales from seismotectonic through anthropogenic to local, infrastructural level deformation monitoring with the highest precision.

Geo-Sentinel also provides structural health monitoring for oil and gas infrastructures like refineries and storage facilities as well as precise measurements of surface displacement over oil and gas reservoirs to optimize field operations, to monitor possible effects on surface facilities and to calibrate geomechanical models.


Geo-Sentinel performs wide range of mining related services including precise remote mapping of decades of surface deformation history or surveying the area before commencement of operations or helping recultivation purposes and assessing stability of former mining plots and related objects and areas.
Our satellite-based or on-site deformation surveys are applicable for both deep and surface mining operations, ground water extractions, slope stability and for mining related infrastructures like shafts, soil heaps, mud reservoirs, etc.

Natural Hazards

We perform surface displacement measurements at high spatial and temporal resolution for mapping hazardous areas. Our satellite-based or on-site deformation surveys are applicable for e.g. landslides, unstable soil and tectonic fault zones.

Civil Engineering

Geo-Sentinel offers a priori space geodetic remote surveys for construction projects as well as on-site and remote monitoring of existing structures like roads, railways, dykes, bridges etc. to detect unstable parts and areas and to help to determine the focus of maintenance.

Public Dissemination

We are committed to the public dissemination of the results and applications of space science and technology. This is done through lectures in public events or in written form. Our company manages the prestigious Hungarian popular space research web portal Űrvilág.